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Question worth asking

We are aiming to raise £250,000 to help SOAS keep asking the Questions worth asking.

At SOAS, we asking challenging questions about the issues facing our world. Equality, democracy and governance. Access to water, food, education and wealth. We ask searching questions about religion, history, languages, art and society.

SOAS’s work continues to inform, influence and shape the world we live in. We connect communities, build bridges and nurture understanding across cultures and continents.

Funds raised will go towards Sanctuary Scholarships – our scholarship scheme for displaced people with no access to student finance, student bursaries and supporting academic research.

You can help us

Make a gift today. Your donation could; help a displaced person access higher education; support SOAS students with low-income backgrounds with bursaries and help our academics to ask the Questions worth asking and tackle the issues facing our world today

Become a Social Media Ambassador today. You can help us spread the word and ensure we reach our target to support students and research at SOAS.

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